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What is TikTok Good For?



TikTok Benefits

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The app was originally called and didn’t experience much success until late 2017, when technology development company, ByteDance, acquired the app for $800 million. They launched it the same year and made huge modifications, turning the original app that was basically for teens to edit their videos of singing, dancing, and lip-syncing into a social platform that racked up over 500 million active users within just two years.

The app has surpassed the daily downloads of all the big guys in the field and was the most downloaded app in the AppStore in 2018. While this app is not showing any signs of slowing down, it’s time to take advantage of the momentum and benefit from its outstanding features.

TikTok Is Great For Killing Time

The one thing every social media platform struggles with, eventually, is boring content. This is the same reason why many people are “Team Facebook” or “Team Snapchat” or “Team Grindr”…you know. Those who get on Facebook don’t really go on Snapchat, and those who get on Snapchat don’t really get on Instagram or Facebook. This applies to most other social media platforms, as well.

All of these platforms are losing engagement, while TikTok focuses specifically on engagement. There is no boring content, here. It’s all entertainment.

Let’s say you are scrolling through the homepage and you find a boring video. You can just scroll once more and there will be a video you find enjoyable. When you are on a lunch break or trying to kill time, TikTok is the only app you need for your daily entertainment. Videos between 15 and 45 seconds long, and content is super engaging.

Almost Anyone Can Get Famous

This app has made more people’s dreams come true than Disneyland. You see, back in the day, when you wanted to get famous, you had to network, take acting classes, do some modeling, go through dozens of interviews and, most importantly, you had to know someone in the industry.

Now, things are different and as the world progresses forward with technology it is easier to be discovered than ever. Other giant social media platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter did a great job giving ordinary people the ability to get noticed. And a lot of people did but, eventually, it got harder and harder for new talents to rise up.

TikTok, on the other hand, took things to a-whole-nother level. They created a new culture on the platform with trendy challenges anyone can do, hashtags that let everyone be discovered, and so much more. You could have no talent and still go viral. You could be the most boring person on the earth and still trend. Trust me: I’ve seen plenty of dead boring TikTokers.

I mean, why not look at my 70-year-old grandfather? Grampa Charles ended up racking up 1.3 million followers in just a few months, and his posts are…well, they’re special.

TikTok Tips
Grandpa Charles!

If he can do it, trust me: you can too. Charles barely knows how to use his iPhone 6, and he’s more famous than you. Think about that for a second.

TikTok Is Great For Making Sales

Not only is TikTok great for killing time during that 10-minute smoking break, but how about turning those 10 minutes into creating a 30-second TikTok video that could potentially reach 1,000,000 views?

Ok, let’s keep it real now…

…maybe 50,000. Which is not so far fetched, with TikTok’s algorithm. That is another topic, though (specifically how to get more followers on TikTok). Take Gary Vela, for instance: this online marketer recently shared tips on how he generated over $7,000 in sales using TikTok, in his article “How to use TikTok to generate more sales“.

So, next time you are on your break, make it productive and remember: if you are wondering what TikTok is good for, it could potentially be one of the newest ways to increase your bottom line or make that extra cash to pay that insurance bill.

TikTok Keeps You Up-To-Date With Current Trends

From time to time, there are a lot of things that trend on other social media platforms and, sometimes, we only find out about those trends long after they were a thing.

Ladies and gentlemen: TikTok has changed that. You now no longer have to feel left out. When something is trending, you know, because it’s the first thing you’ll see on your home page. Not ten days later, once all the cool kids have had their fun already. Right now, where all the not cool kids can get in, too.

You’ll see your buddy doing it, right there in your feed, where you can quickly catch up with everything. TikTok keeps you relevant in today’s world.

Awakening The Creativity Within

There are many people online who think they have no talent. Go through Quora or Reddit or any social media platform, and you will see many people saying they “just can’t do it”. What they actually mean is that they don’t know how to do it. Yet.

Luckily for them and you and everyone else, anyone can “do” TikTok. Anyone can make a TikTok video. Anyone can pick a song. Most importantly, the great thing you will love about this app is that it gives you a creative framework you can play around with.

You make a video you think might not is all that good and, next thing you know, the final result after edits and everything else, is a whole new animal. This application truly inspires a new character inside you, even after just one video. You can easily develop the motivation to make a second, and then a third, and fourth. Before long, it’s game over: you are officially a TikTok master.

Connect With Brands and Influencers

This is especially good for businesses. You can easily connect with other brands and reach out to influencers to collaborate. It has never been easier, and the playing field has never been more level.

Think you’re just getting started out on TikTok, so who would want to speak to you? Some of the biggest names in the world are “just getting started out”, here. They’re all discovering this exciting new thing at the same time as you, and they’re looking at what you’re saying.

Reach out to influencers. Do duets with celebrities. If Twitter was the start of the rich and famous rubbing shoulders with everyday people, TikTok is the next step in that evolution. Don’t be scared. The world is waiting to hear from you.

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Can You Buy an AR-15 Lower In Maryland?



Can You Buy an AR-15 Lower In Maryland?

The AR-15 has long been the subject of much controversy. With multiple bans and the numeration of Assault weapons in the past that has also come to hurt its development in the present and future, it is uncertain to say what the AR15 will come to on a federal legal level. However, for those in Maryland who wish to own and operate their own AR-15s, it is not the easiest thing, as the state has set in place many different things to regulate and limit the sale and ownership of these guns. The AR-15 can be bought as a whole gun or as a lower and set of parts from which the owner must assemble and tweak to make an effective gun. 

Maryland Compliant AR-15

Maryland’s firearm safety act of 2013 came into effect on October 1st 2013 requiring a license to buy any form of handgun and bans the future sale of assault weapons as defined by the Maryland state legislature. However, not all AR fifteen’s are illegal under Maryland law. While most air fifteen’s are banned by name in the law, AR15 with a heavy barrel or H-bar are still legal to buy so long as they do not have 2 of the 3 Band features as outlined in the act.

Originally the list of features that were banned was much longer and was not as lenient but this was amended well before the law was taken into effect. This act limits the capacity of magazines in the state but does not prohibit the Is wintership of magazines with a higher capacity than is legal. It also prohibits the sale of magazines with higher than 10 round capacity in the state. It is common for Maryland residents to go to either Virginia or Pennsylvania to buy magazines. An AR-15 must have a heavy barrel in order to be considered legal for purchase. The act also targets a few other models like the M1 garand the ruger 10/22 the Springfield 1903 and the Remington 870.

Are 80% Lowers Legal In Maryland?

An 80% lower receiver is an uncompleted and unserialized blank that requires milling work from the owner to turn it into a fully functioning lower receiver that can be assembled into a firearm. The AR15 popularized this for its easy to work with material aluminum Which can be easily milled with a hand drill or real or a common drill press. The ATF not only recognizes 80% lowers in the marketBut has come out with several letters confirming its legality in a federal view.

Therefore the state of Maryland does not criminalize the ownership or sale of 80% lowers in the state. On the same coin you do not need to serialize an 80 lower in Maryland if you are planning to mail one out. Adversely the same laws do not apply in Washington DC as in the district 80% lowers are illegal to own and purchase.

AR15s are legal in Maryland however due to the firearm safety act which was taken into effect in 2013 and banned many of the AR15 that would be sold in other States. That being said, it is not AR15 that are illegal in the state but the features that the AR15 has standardly that are illegal in the state. The standard barrel of the AR15 is banned as well as the magazine for the traditional AR15 that holds 30 rounds. The legal capacity for an AR15  is 10 rounds.  However, this capacity ban is only limited to magazines that are purchased within the state of Maryland. Magazines purchased from other States can be brought back to Maryland and used in the gun.

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Can I sell an 80% lower AR-15 in Maryland?

The sale of 80% lowers in Maryland is not illegal. However, the sale of firearms without an NFL license is a federal crime. This is not due to any state law rather rather the federal law which prohibits the sale of firearms without a license to do so. This is the main caveat to buying an 80% lower. Not only are they illegal to sell but they do not hold their value as well as brand name AR15. 80 Percent lowers do turn out much cheaper than brand name AR fifteen’s provided that the acquisition of parts is researched and set upon a Reasonable budget.

Are AR-15s legal in Maryland?

AR fifteen’s are legal in Maryland however due to the firearm safety act which was taken into effect in 2013 and banned many of the AR15 that would be sold in other States. That being said, it is not AR15 that are illegal in the state but the features that the AR15 has standardly that are illegal in the state. The standard barrel of the AR15 is banned as well as the magazine for the traditional AR15 that holds 30 rounds. The legal capacity for an AR15  is 10 rounds.  However, this capacity ban is only limited to magazines that are purchased within the state of Maryland. Magazines purchased from other States can be brought back to Maryland and used in the gun.

The AR-15 is a controversial implement, and has become the poster boy for the 2nd amendment through its constant bans since the 80s. Maryland, being one of the states that has sparked a lot of controversy with the AR-15 does not outright delegalize the AR-15, but definitely puts measures out there to make it harder for the common citizen to own and operate one effectively. That being said, the state is not adverse to setting regulations for what it deems to be assault weapons, and therefore anyone treading in or residing in the state should do so with caution, as laws are subject to change on a whim. Even though DC is not actually a part of the state, it is within the Maryland borders, yet has astronomically different laws especially when it comes to 80% lower AR-15s.

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Is the AR-15 legal in Pennsylvania?



Is the AR-15 legal in Pennsylvania?

The AR-15 has long been the subject of much controversy on the federal political level, but also on the state legal level as well. One state that has recently become one of these grounds for controversy is Pennsylvania, a long time red state that has recently come under fire for its AR15 laws. Here is everything you need to know about the gun laws of Pennsylvania especially in relation to the AR-15. 

Who Makes AR-15 Laws in Pennsylvania?

In the state law the municipalities and the municipalities and accounts are not permitted to add to make laws regulating firearms. The right is given to the General Assembly which until recently had not done much for firearms regulations for the past two decades. I’ve recently lawmakers approved a bill requiring convicted domestic abusers to relinquish their firearms arms within a 24 hour time period rather than 60 days. The law did not permit anyone also to release their firearms to friends or family members and therefore required them to release them to the state government.

Wow farms regulations are left to the General Assembly of Pennsylvania some municipalities having had their own local tragedies will tragedies have taken firearms regulations within their municipalities Valley’s into their own hands. Pittsburgh city council defied Harrisburg and established its own risk protection orders to explore extreme cases. It allows judges to confiscate firearms temporarily from those deemed at risk of harming themselves or the public. This law was passed as a result of the tree of life synagogue massacre which occurred in 2018 and is still in effect to this day.

The state senate of Pennsylvania is primarily Democrat while the state governor is a Republican a Republican which makes for some High tension debates about gun laws especially. On December 2nd 2021, Pennsylvania governor Tom wolf issued a veto on the bill proposed in state senate which would allow permitless carry for all of its citizens.

Is it illegal to have an AR-15 in Pennsylvania?

The short answer is no. In Pennsylvania it is completely legal to have an AR15 so long as it was purchased legally or brought into the state legally. I’m saying there is no need to Register an AR-15 in a formal registry said by the state as in in the State legislature any Register of firearms whether by the state or law enforcement agencies is illegal. The same goes for firearms that are brought in from out of state.

Is it legal to hunt with an AR-15 in Pennsylvania?

For a long time Pennsylvania had not allowed the use of AR15 in hunting activities. And until recently within the past 5 years it’s actually been illegal. In 2017 Pennsylvania became the last state to allow the use of AR fifteen’s for hunting.

Hunting with the AR-15 has become much more popular in recent years due to its legality in the hunting game. While it is not permitted in all seasons of the year, hunting of animals with seasons year round are perfect for the AR-15 because the AR-15 has a semi automatic function making it great for maintaining sight picture without having to manual cycle the action

Is the AR-15 good for hunting in Pennsylvania?

The AR-15 has a standard cartridge, the .223rem/5.56 NATO. While this is a very fast round capable of a decent amount of range, it does lack ballistics because it is essentially a .22 caliber projectile. This is not optimal for big game hunting, and would likely still be frowned upon no matter the legality of the platform. However, the AR10 which shoots the .308 and other larger caliber bullets is perfect for hunting. This can be used for any big game hunting, and the platform can be modified to take similarly capable calibers like the  6.5 Creedmoor. ‘

The AR-15 chambered for the .300 AAC Blackout is great for hunting as well as it has a lot of stopping power. Designed for suppressors, the .300 AAC Blackout cartridge is highly versatile and only requires a slight tweaking of the AR-15s gas system to be used effectively. The AR-15 is capable of being modified to be more suitable for hunting in the same way it can be modified to be suitable for any situation. It just takes the right attachments and a little bit of know-how in order to achieve a decent build for hunting in Pennsylvania. 

Are 80% Lowers Legal in Pennsylvania?

Despite efforts to criminalize 80% lowers across the United States United States Pennsylvania fortunately fortunately still acknowledges acknowledges 80% lowers as a legal means for gun ownership. In 2021 there was a proposed assault weapons ban although they stood 9 though this did not target 80% lowers merely whatever qualified as an assault weapon I’ve been for the state.  There are no special regulations on 80% lowers like other States have in order to be compliant within their state. In all cases 80% lowers can be purchased either online or at a gun store and machined by the owner to create a fully functioning AR15.

Pennsylvania has generally kept a good standing with it’s regulations and the 2nd amendment not for a lack of push back against the against the 2nd amendment in the state by democratic Legislative officials.  If you are a resident of or are planning a trip to Pennsylvania then it is important to know the laws around firearms ownership in the state.

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Final Drive Motors For Excavators



Final Drive Motors For Excavators

Looking for a Bobcat or any other brand’s final drive motors? Precision Final Drives offers top-of-the-line new and re-manufactured final drive motors for all the major brands of midi and mini excavators. We are a 100% American-owned family business based in Houston, TX, where we keep all our inventory for immediate shipment. Our dedicated customer care representatives are looking forward to helping you find the best solution for your machine, including obsolete and hard-to-find grey market machines.

All Leading & Local Brands Under One Roof

If you are feeling unsure about where to buy your replacement travel motor or final drive motor, give us a try! Our database has thousands of confirmed fitments, which means that you have the best chance of locating the final drive you need in stock and at a good price, ready to ship the very same day! We also have a fully-functioning remanufacturing shop, equipped to reman Bobcat final drive motors for OEMs.

Precision Final Drives carries the best warranty in the industry – our motors are warranted to be free from defects in workmanship and materials under normal use up to 1 year. We stand behind all of our Bobcat and other brands’ final drive motors with a 100% warranty.

And here’s the best part: our parts are better than the parts sold by a dealer because we buy our merchandise directly from the major final drive motor manufacturers. We have direct access to the factory engineers so in case there is a problem with a motor, we get it addressed and resolved in record time.

We invite you to browse our online store and compare our prices to our competitors. We know price matters and we are happy to offer you highly competitive rates that fit your budget. We have the confidence that we would be able to meet or beat any advertised price for the same product.

Bobcat Final Drive Motors

If you work in the construction or agriculture industry, you are familiar with this leading brand, no doubt about it. Bobcat manufactures utility vehicles, telehandlers, compact excavators, compact track loaders, skid steer loaders, and various attachments. In addition to construction, agriculture, and ranching, the Bobcat brand also serves the demolition and landscaping industry.

Almost every professional who has to handle a skid steer, knows that Bobcat name is synonymous with quality. While the company’s top management has changed several times over the years, their commitment to quality and superior materials has only improved.

Few people know that Bobcat was also the first brand to innovate the compact track loaders by adding rubber tracks to their skid steers. The brand was named after the wild animal that’s known for agility, toughness, and versatility – terms that are on par with the Bobcat brand we know and love. In fact, that’s literally their tagline: “One Tough Animal”.

Speak To Our Specialists Today 

If you are looking for a Bobcat travel motor, or you need to get your Bobcat motor repaired and resume your operations right away, give us a call at Precision Final Drives. Our highly skilled and dedicated technicians take immense pride in offering prompt and accurate service both before and after the sale. You can reach out to us at 888-511-6332 or leave a message here.

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